Are LED Strip Lights Safe for Eyes? [Details Answer]

Adding up new lighting can change the complete aura of your house or workstation. And when it comes to the decor, LED strip lights to take the stage because they can add lighting and illusion in almost every place!

The sad part, you cannot use these lights for better visibility. Instead, these are designed only for the means of interior decoration. But with the ornamentation of your house, you have to deal with your health too! Most people are now concerned about these lights in terms of safety.

Are LED strip lights safe for eyes and health? Are they going to give you a headache? Does it include UV rays and radiation? We will brief everything you need to know about LED strip lights here!

What are LED Strip Lights?

To begin with, we will first talk about what LED light is and where it is used. As the name refers, these are just like strips of tape. With the tape, there are added SMD chips. These chips help in produce light. You can easily attach it with everything as it is in reality a tape! The length of the area you can apply the product should be between 1 m to 5 m.

The best part is, you can easily get your scissor and cut it down! All you need is to measure the length you need for a specific place and you are ready! You can cut short according to the preferred length. If you want, you can add it to the deck of your house too! The reason is it has s casing or cover that is completely water-resistant.

So, water is not going to hurt your LED strip lights anymore! The LED strip lights are more common as a decorating item than to provide light for your other purpose. Adjustable LED strip lights with Wi-Fi Smart Plugs can be a great addition to both your home and office space.

If you are working on the extension cords, you must know is it safe to leave extension cords plugged in? You cannot read with an LED strip light. If you want it for this purpose, check out what LED light color is best for studying and go for only LED light and not the strip lights. But if you add some of these lights in your banister or the counters of your kitchen or at the background of your TV and speakers-your house or workplace will good fabulous!  

Where do we use LED Lights?

Now you already know what LED strip lights are. But before we discuss if it’s safe or not for the eyes, we would like to discuss the LED part only. Even if you are not using the LED strip lights, there are other forms of LED lights that you are using every day.

As you can connect them directly to the electrical outlet, you can also learn how to connect a LED light to a battery and switch. These have surrounded us like our clothes these days. Even you can check out how to convert 4ft fluorescent light to LED and enjoy the light! No matter it is at home or the office, it is everywhere.

Especially, when you are dealing with computers and smartphones, you are working with the LED lights. That rings a bell, right? We use the smartphone 24/7, so is that harmful to our eyes? Does it harm our health?

Health Concerns of LED Lights

LED lights and strip lights work the same way. According to some studies, ELD lights can harm your well-being. And most of the harm is done to your eyes. As much as it looks pretty and organized when the lights are on, your eyes are hurting and you don’t even know that.

When it comes to LED strip lights, the most harm is done by Blue LED lights. But what if you avoid using blue lights? It can still harm your eyes! Yes, it still can! Even if you are not using the blue LED lights, any LED lights can easily emit blue lights.

On the contrary, if you go for the traditional fluorescent lights, they emit blue light too! But you can always reduce the effects by adding up a dimmable L surge protector! It will safeguard both your eyes and health both!

Blue Lights in LED Lights

So, let’s first talk about the blue light that any LED strip light emits. And if you look at the blue light with your eyes, it can easily work on the natural melatonin production of your body. It will eventually suppress the melatonin.

If you are still not affected by this blue light, trust us, someday you will be! If you are going to sleepless nights, the reason behind it is blue light. Yes, we all can deal with some sleepless nights to decorate our room with LED strip lights. But it can also harm the circadian rhythm. Circadian Rhythm is the cycle of sleeping and waking up.

So, eventually, you will not be able to sleep according to your routine. And that will lead you to further health difficulties! Along with this, it can give you a severe headache as this is connected to your eyes.

Let’s come to the melatonin part. This is a collective part of glands. And these glands help you to produce tissue along with boosting the growth and metabolism. Along with this, fertility is related to these glands too!

Your mood and course of sleep, as we already mentioned, are connected to these glands. And blue light harms this system. And so, according to the researches, blue lights in the LED lights or LED strip lights are not safe.

LED Strip Lights and UV Rays and Radiation: The Myth

Whenever you will plan to buy LED strip lights, people will tell you not to buy them because these lights emit Ultraviolet rays and radiations. That’s a myth! Yes, not all the LED strip lights emit UV rays. Some of the LED strips lights and LED lights are designed to produce UV light.

But if you go for the standard LED strip lights, you are not going to face UV light. So, if you are concerned about UV light, don’t worry and get your hands on the power strip LED recessed lights for perfect decor and learn how to hide extension cords on carpet to see the beautiful outlook only!

Tips to avoid LED Strip Light Damage

Now that we have talked a lot about what blue lights of LED strip lights do to you, let’s talk about something that we can work on. In short, we cannot work without LED lights, can we? All we need to do is minimize the exposure making it safe for us (as much as it is possible.) The best thing you can do for this is using the LED strip lights less.

  • First of all, do not go for blue LED lights as these can do more harm to the eyes. Rather settle for the other colors to lessen the damage.
  • And next, you can use the LED strip lights for decoration only when you need them. You do not need to keep them turned on the whole day!
  • Keep the lights off at night. It will be great if you plan to switch off the LED strip lights 2-3 hours before you sleep so that it doesn’t disrupt the comfort of your eyes and you can sleep appropriately.
  • Another thing that you can do for minimizing exposure is to take breaks. After using the LED lights for about 30 minutes, give your eyes rest. A break of 5 minutes will be enough. Keep continuing this cycle. This will help you away from headaches.
  • If your workplace requires you to keep the LED strip lights on for the whole time you work, you can also get your hands on the blue light-blocking eyeglasses. These are available online, get them and protect the eyes!
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Wrap Up

Just the way you cannot ignore health for the decor, you cannot forget the interior decoration for your health! So, it’s always better to go through the ways we have mentioned here to avoid the damage so that you can get superb lighting in your house!

Check out the blog to know more about lights and where to get them. We are always ready to help you with the information that makes your house lightened and brightened!