Why Are Electrical Outlets Upside Down In Hospitals

Have you ever noticed that hospital electrical outlets are set upside down? You might have seen it or not, but the hidden cause will amaze you. Knowing why electrical outlets are upside down in hospitals would be a pleasant, helpful, and thirst quencher.

Three prongs electrical prongs work safer and differently. The longer prong is used for ground; the other two blades signify electrical flows – one is neutral, and another indicates red. The two blades can cause fire or accident when partially inserted and get in touch with metal. To avoid this accident chance, hospitals use outlets upside down.

Let’s find out the causes and effects of which hospitals use electrical outlets upside down.

Why Are Electrical Outlets Upside Down In Hospitals

How does a plug work?

Each pin of a three pins plug plays its role. The shorter two blades pin passes electricity from the socket. And the long pin, also known as the ground pin, remains idle until any irregular electrical flow happens. When uneven flow happens, the pin passes electricity into the ground. Thus the ground pin saves from an accident.

There is a vast possibility of an accident occurring when partially plugged pins get a metal touch.

What is an upside-down setting for electrical outlets?

Electrical outlets, also known as sockets, connect plugs with electricity. Safety ensured plugs have three prongs or pins, and sockets have three holes. This is very common in houses and institutions to set the outlets right side up.

Some commercial houses and hospitals set the outlets reversing the ends. They use the outlets upside down. These are known as electrical outlets upside down settings.

Rules or codes for electrical outlet settings

Some may think hospitals follow the unique outlet settings because of any obligation. We have searched for the answer to the question – do the hospitals set outlets upside down to abide by any codes? We’ve found no rules regarding outlets’ position.

Is the outlets’ upside-down setting beneficial or valueless?

When you pull the plug from the outlet or socket, the long pin remains to come out. The other two-prong comes out earlier. You might touch the pins when you are in a hurry or uncautious. In this case, you will touch the ground pin when you have an upside-down outlet setup which will cause zero reaction. Thus, you can remain safe during hurried or unexpected plugs out.

Correct positions for plugs or outlets?

There is no correct position for a plug or outlet set up. You can set up any four side adjustments as per your benefit. Moreover, there is no suggestion from the electricians or experts. No adjustment in the setting will bring a change in anything.

So, you may ask – why do you see the right-side-up outlets in most cases? This is a common way but without a strong reason. So, we think you should choose your way.

Does an upside-down setup create problems

What actually happens when you set an upside connection downwards? In reality, there happens no problem when your socket bears its single-pin end upside and two-pin end downside. The voltage of electricity will not be changed, or plugs will work fine too. Finally, this setting will not do any harm to your outlets.

Why are electrical outlets upside down in hospitals?

Hospitals are always crowded. All patients in a hospital are sick at various levels. If there is an accident, unfortunately, this will bring a catastrophe. When a typical electrical outlet setup exists, the possibility of an accident increases more than an upside-down setup.

So many patients and outsiders move into the hospital. A maximum of them need to be made aware of electrical accidents. If any of them insert a metal or iron plate into the gap of the inserted plug pins and socket board, a short circuit and then an accident will happen quickly. This possibility is so high when you are using a right-side-up outlet.

Moreover, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff operate some high-voltage taking machines and equipment. An accident can cause so serious harm to them. Here upside down outlet setting can be a safety measure for them. This will ensure that no metal connection will lead to an accident.

Should you try an upside-down outlet set up at home?

If your house is full of grown-up people, you can use either the right-side-up or upside-down outlet settings. However, a risk level remains here too. Otherwise, we suggest you use the upside-down system to ensure the safety of your child and at home as well. Because the child are tend to play with whatever they get at hand. If they play with iron or other metal, these can be placed between the gap of the electrical socket board and plugs plastic body.

A short circuit can happen from the above situation, or your child might even face an electric shock. To avoid such a situation, go for a more safety-ensuring setting. The upside-down outlet setting can be used for commencing electrical wiring too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would an outlet be installed upside down?

An accident is always unwanted and avoidable due to its impact, whether it is by short circuit or else. In some places, a short circuit can cause catastrophe. To prevent such accidents, people install an outlet upside down.

Are upside-down outlets coded?

No code suggests setting outlets upside down. According to all codes, you can set your electrical outlet upside up or down. You can choose any of the positions.

What is the correct position for an outlet?

There is no absolutely recognized position for an outlet. Usually, it is set to the ground pin down, but in hospitals or some other places, the ground pin is set upwards in hospitals or places. Notably, there is no code or regulation about it.

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Final Thought

We hope we have satisfied you with the answer to the question – why are electrical outlets upside down in hospitals?

If you wish to implement the upside-down setting in your house’s electrical outlets, you can do so. This upside-down outlet setting theory will help you avoid accidents if you have children or teenagers in the house. You can set up an outlet by selecting any side up or down. Have a safe and sound day!

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