How do you light a Room with Low Ceiling?

Lights should be the focal point- who said that? Well, that’s why the chandelier was made, isn’t it? And I love the chandelier and pendant lights hanging on the dining room when you serve food! But when your ceiling is low, you can’t add some heavy pendant lights, no!

You might be thinking that the low ceiling will make the room look boring because there will be no hanging lights. Well, well, well, that’s not right! I can still make your room look flawless and wholesome.

But how to light a room with a low ceiling and make it look beautiful? I will tell you, just wait and watch!

How to light a Room with Low Ceiling?

Ways to Light up a Low Ceiling Room

Have a look at these low ceiling room lighting ideas. Ceiling can’t stop you from being innovative!

Neat look with Flushmount

They all will tell you that flush mount is an amazing option for a small room, but they will skip that it can be incredible for the rooms with a low ceiling too! Yes, these flush mount lights easily sit against the ceiling. And so, it doesn’t eat up any extra place at all!

They will not only provide you ambient light but also will save space for you! I can’t disagree that another reason you should get your hands on a flush mount ceiling light is they provide downward lighting. In this manner, you can save space and yet get more lighting in the dark spaces.

If you don’t have any, get buy them and check out how to install a ceiling light fixture. And you are ready! But keep in mind that it won’t manner if you are going for a chandelier or a pendant flush mount. I mean, come on, you already get this, don’t you?

Change the Attention

It’s very obvious that when somebody enters a room, they will where the light is pointing. And if the center of attention is the light, then your ceiling will be the focal point too. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, you can rely on distracting the viewers.

You can plan on adding a focal point in that room. You can decorate one sidewall with small light pieces so that they get attracted to that when you enter the room. Or you can get a perfectly visible lamp on one side of the room to grab their attention.

Certify that the lamp is against the fireplace and not on the same side. Otherwise, the two lights together won’t look good. When you add the lamp to your room, you can add flawless artwork or furniture there. In this way, the light will focus on the artwork and the ceiling won’t be the focal point anymore!

Concealed Recessed Lighting

As the ceiling is low, you cannot go for something that will hit the head or look pathetic when you walk. The flush mount light is usually set on top of the wall but things are deeper in the case of recessed lighting. As the name said, these lights are buried into the wall.

The best fact about recessed lighting is you get a brighter ambiance. And this also is almost similar to daylight!  You don’t want the lights to cover too much space and make it look messy, right?

Go for LED recessed lights, they will be concealed on the wall making sure that the space is saved and the utmost light is provided. Mostly, it is concealed on the upper wall of the room. But if you plan, you can set it on the side walls if you need to!

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Since day one, the mirror never goes wrong! No matter you are watching yourself in the mirror or not, you can always end up adding a piece of mirror for maximizing the light. When you add a light in the bedroom and you think that you need to increase the light, you can simply add a mirror against the light.

When you have ceiling lights for bedroom, get a mirror that you can place in angles. In this manner, when the light reflects on the mirror, the light gets doubled and maximized the light.

Though I support keeping the light of the bedroom low, if you lobe light, this is how you do it! If you don’t want to maximize the ceiling light’s reflection, place the mirror against the window or any other source of light.

Go Old School with Floor Lamps

Installation projects for low ceilings can be expensive and energy draining. Also, not always the new wall-mounted lights will make it up for the low ceiling. What can save you then? The old school floor lamp!

Yes, if you focus on keeping floor lamps added to a room, you don’t need to cover the whole upper walls with lights. Floor lamps look retro and save space on the inner ceiling. If you have a room that’s small and also the ceiling is low, floor lamps can bring back the charm there.

This can be the best lighting for low ceiling bedroom! Another fact you need to keep in mind is the light beam’s position. Certify that it is facing upward. Why? It’s because when the light will face upward when you enter the room, it will draw your attention to the ceiling.

As there will be the reflection of the light on the ceiling, the ceiling will no more look low. It will look heightened. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Dimensional Line of Attack

If you want to decorate the living room but the ceiling is low, you can settle for dimension lighting. Not always we add lighting to the room for the sole purpose of removing darkness. Instead, you can also add some for the beauty, right?

And this is when the layered or dimensional lighting idea comes in. Try to add several lights to your living room. Several lights of several heights will give the room a dimension. In this manner, the whole room will not look the same.

If you use one light for the whole room with high wattage, the room will look boring, no doubt. So, forget about the wattage. Check out the corners of the room and lightings of different heights there.

Instead of increasing the wattage, increasing light from multiple sources can create a not-so-constant outlook. There will be a little light-shadow game going on when somebody will enter the room. It will change the room’s appearance downright.

Wrap Up

Having a low ceiling isn’t that bad. Yes, at first, you will curse the house a bit. But soon, you will realize that you have been acting creatively these days! The best thing you can do is add lights that don’t bother the space keeping in mind that the center of attraction should never be the low ceiling, that’s all. Be innovative, get some new ideas, and share them with all!