How to Connect Two Wires with a Connector?

Are you planning to connect two electrical wires? Yes, you and I both know soldering brings perfection. But what if we are not experienced? Soldering is tricky. Do you want to heat the room, duh! Never!

Let’s check out how to connects two wires with a connector and that without soldering! Let’s make things easy peezy lemon squeezy!

Electrical Tape Wire Connecting

No matter you are dealing with a smart in-wall switch or you are just lighting a bulb, you need to connect the wires! A very easy method of connecting wires is with electrical tape. In this process, electrical tape works like a connector. On the other hand, you do not need many supplies and effort to make this work!

  • To connect the wires with an electrical tape, you have to first get your hands on the twisted part of both of the wires. Lay them onto an electrical tape strip here. With your hands, start wrapping the tape.
  • You have to go all around both wires together. For this, 5/6 times of wrapping will be enough. This is to make sure that it is protected.
  • All you need to do here is to cover up all the wire. It is necessary to tug at the connection. This will make it strong, sturdy, and safe.

Hot Glue Wire Connection

The next method of connecting two different wires is to use hot glue. Yes, this method can be a little confusing to listen but this one works! If you are thinking about how to add a neutral wire, trust us, this works there too! The hot glue will work as a connector between the two different wires and keep them attached.

  • First of all, you have to take the glue gun and start heating it. Once the glue gun has melted the glue inside the gun; you have to position the wires. Go through the twisted wires and place lay them together straight.
  • The manner of holding the glue gun is a vital point here. If you do not hold the glue gun properly, you cannot use the glue in the right place. Certify that you are perpendicularly holding this one. Take it to the twisted wires.
  • Now, it is your time to start adding the hot glue. Squeeze a glob of hot glue onto the twisted wires. Once you have added the glue, you have to swirl the glue. This will make sure that the glue has covered the whole area making it safe to use. You can use the nozzle of the glue gun and swirl the glue all around the wires. In this case, another easy method is to go for a pencil. With a pencil, you can make the glue swirl precisely around the wires. Make sure you are careful.
  • And don’t forget that hot glue gets cold fast and gets hard. So, it is necessary to be swift along with being careful. As fast as you can, swirl the glue all around the wires. And by this, you will be able to create a better bond. A glob of glue won’t be as stronger as the swirling process will make it.
  • Also, don’t forget that the entire stripped wire part should be coated with glue. Otherwise, it won’t be safe. After you have covered it with the hot glue, wait for the hot glue to cool down. It won’t take too much of your time. Once it is cool, you are done!

Alligator Clip Wire Connection

As we are connecting two wires, you can settle for the alligator clip method too. When it comes to the electrical wire connectors, this one is quite popular and not to mention, easy. But before you settle for this method, you must ensure that this method is a little weak. We recommend you to pick up this method when you have no other option to go for and you want a temporary way to connect the wires. Whenever you need to pin things down, you use an alligator clip. And so, this comes in handy to almost all the homeowners. Now, let’s learn how to connect two wires with an alligator clip.

  • For the process, first, get your hands on a set of alligator clips. And with this set, you will need two different wires that have stripped ends. First, hold both of the wires together and go through the ends of the wires. Positioning the wires carefully is necessary at first.
  • You take the wires and position them in parallel. When the ends are set in parallel, you have to snap one alligator clip with on the wires. While placing, the clip’s teeth must touch the wires. Yes, it has to touch both of them together.
  • And you are done! The process is easier than the other one we have mentioned here. But this is just a quick and temporary fix. Eventually, you have to settle for a permanent fix that is safer than this. You can also, go for your crafted alligator clips.

Crimping Wire Connection

If you want to learn how to connect two wires with soldering, you will go through several methods. But when you want the strongest of them all, the crimping wire connection method is everything you need!

To make the connection strong and safe, in this process, you will need specialized tools too. Also, a little practice and perfection are required here. Go through the local hardware shop and get the gears you need first.

In this procedure, first, you will need is a crimp. You can get them in the shops named cord crimps. This looks like a piece of metal tubing. It is thin and the length is about ¾ inches. Make sure that the tube you are using is capable of transferring the electricity; otherwise, it’s of no use! With the crimp, you will need a crimping tool to work with it. And you already have the stripped wires; you are ready to go for it!

  • Now, get the stripped part of one wire and get it into the crimp. Make an effort and take it straight up to the insulation. After doing, double-check it. It is time to do the same with the other wire. Repeat the process of taking the stripped part of this wire straight up to the insulation.
  • Once you are done with both of the wires, you have to go through the crimping tool and make use of it. Position the crimp in the notch of that tool. Slowly, start squeezing the tool. After a while, you will see that the crimp will crush. And then, it will get bent. Eventually, it will be bent in the form of “U.”
  • All you need now is to keep doing it. Go through the rest of the crimp and repeat the same process. After some time, you will see that you have a rut going down the crimp’s length. This is where you should stop. It’s the time when you have to give both of the wires a little pull. A strong pull will make the connection better. Once you are done with it, you are ready!

Note: Yes, using the crimp and the crimping tool for connecting wires is not the easiest one among them all. But we can assure you that it’s the safest and strongest one to go for. The process requires time and practice. Do not expect perfection the first time you do it! After all, practice makes a man perfect!

Wrap Up

Yes, we always recommend you to settle for the crimping method when it comes to connecting the wires. But the other methods we have mentioned here are easy too! You can go for any of them. All you need is to follow the rules carefully!