How to Add a Neutral Wire to an Existing Light Switch?

If you already have a light switch for several years now, adding the neutral wire to it can be tricky and risky. But we cannot deny that making the smart home creation better and easier, a neutral wire is a blessing! Whenever you plan to add a new smart home switch box, you might need to add the neutral wire to the light switch too!

So, now, you will ask how to add a neutral wire to an existing light switch safely. Let us tell you first, the process is not completely safe. If you can, go for a professional. But if you don’t want that, our two methods can help you surely! Check it out!

How to Add a Neutral Wire to an Existing Light Switch

Preparation for Neutral Wire adding to the Existing Light Switch

While creating a smart home, adding a new smart in-wall switch can change the game for you. Even if you have an old light switch, you might need to work with the neutral wire if you want to add it to the switch. Let’s learn how to complete the procedures!

Step 1: The Gears

When you have already planned to add a neutral wire to the existing light switch, your first job is to gather all the necessary gears. For this process, you will need light. Along with this, the switch will be required. Don’t forget about the outlet and the electrical wire connectors. Also, not to mention, you cannot complete the work without the electrical panel. Once these are ready, you can move to the next step!

Step 2: The Wires

Before you get it, you have to learn a bit about the wires. If you already know how to connect two wires, it is amazing. But still, we will give you a basic idea about the wires. The three-wire types are hot wire, ground wire, and neutral wire. The work of the hot wire is to take the voltage from the switch to the light. It is for illuminating purposes.

On the other hand, the neutral wire is to take the electricity from the light and carry it once again to the electrical outlet or the electrical panel. And finally, the ground wire does not carry electricity. It is added to the project so that it can safeguard the process. Mostly, when there are no issues regarding the short circuit, there will be no power supply to the ground wire.


So, we have checked that we will get two different wires that will work with the electricity. They are the hot wire and the neutral wire. When you are planning to connect the neutral wire to the light switch, you will get an unlimited power supply. Keep in mind that turning it off can be tough because you will get shocked anyway! If you want to wire the light switch with the help of a neutral wire, you can settle for two different processes.

Method 1

In this method, you have to take the wire from the back part of the light. As this one is connected to the electrical outlet from your light, you have to move the neutral wire and take it from the back of the light. Then, slowly, you have to take it back to the switch. And all you need to do now is join them! You are done adding the neutral wire to the existing light switch.

Method 2

In the second method, things won’t be this easy for you anymore. Here, you have to go digging through the walls. The whole process is for getting your hands on the back part of the light. Once you get there, you are ready to take them to the switch. Sadly, you have to make the passageway to take the wire safely. Here, we recommend you get a conduit.

With the help of this, you can easily take the wire from where it is located to the switch directly. To complete the process, get a hold of the neural wire and add it to the switch from the outlet portion. Hold the wire from behind your outlet with the conduit. And then, you have to link it to the switch! You are done!

Is it Safe to Add Neutral Wire to an Existing Light Switch?

In short, no, adding a neutral wire to an existing light switch or any light switch is not a good idea. We do not recommend you going for this process. However, if you are forced to do it, the best thing you can do is get your hands on a smart switch. The result of both of these methods will be the same! When you do not have a smart switch but you have to add the wire to the light switch, then you have to go for the neutral wire installation method.

Wrap Up

Both of the methods we have mentioned above for adding the neutral wire to the light switch will work amazing for you. The first method is easier while the second method is helpful in complicated situations. But before you settle for any of this, keep in mind that the switch is not anymore safe! You can get shocked if you touch at times! The process is risky and we still recommend you to go for a professional to make the whole thing work!