What LED Light Color is Best For Studying?

Adding up an LED light is better than the fluorescent lights because these cost less and provides long-term service. Does light affect your brain and attentiveness? Yes, it has! When you sleep, you need to feel sleepy. And when you study, you need to be attentive.

And that brings us to what LED light color is best for studying? Will warm light be perfect or should you go for the cool lights to keep you conscious and focused!

Here is the list of LED light colors that you can use in your study. We have already explained why you should choose what we suggest!

What LED Light Color is best for Studying

Is LED Light Good for Studying

Before you pick up one color of LED light for studying, you must learn if the LED light is good for studying or not. And the answer is yes, these lights are great for studying. The best part is, these lights will be durable and will cost you less energy. And if you compare them to the other lights, these are more comfortable for the eyes to work when it comes to studying.

Can you choose any LED Light Color for Studying?

As we all know that LED lights are amazing for studying, people often think that they can pick up any color they want. But that’s not the case here. When it comes to the focus you need for studying, there are roles that the light color will play. As you can guess, there are light colors that can help you be focused and there are also colors that will break your attentiveness. So, in short, you cannot pick up whichever LED color you like for this purpose!

Which LED Color to pick for the Study Room?

If you are in search of the best LED for your study room, we can suggest you that! First of all, settle for the light that is visible enough to provide you the utmost visibility. The wavelength range for the study room LED is about 400-700 nanometers. And when you pick it up, make sure you are settling for the lower-end blues and violets. Also, keep in mind that on the top end, there will be red and orange while getting your hands on the LED for your study area.

Now, if you ask us which color of LED can be the best one from the crowd, we will vouch for the cool light colors. Cool lights colors of LED that are available in the market will provide you a mimic of the daylight. If you talk about daylight then you should know that the best light that can keep you focused on the papers is daylight. And the cool LED light colors are the substitute for daylight. These help you be awake and more focused when you study.

Which cool light colors to go for when you are planning on studying? We recommend you settle for the blue lights or the white lights. Studies have shown that white lights and blue lights are incredible to keep you attentive in the class or your study room. Set up the cool light and add a smart light switch. Now if you want to keep your head down on the table for a while during studying, you can use your voice to switch it off!

The White Color Temperature

The first color temperature that comes to our mind when it is about studying is the white light. Even before the LED lights came into popularity, other forms of white lights were used for study and work purposes. If you analyze the natural daylight, you will know that the white color temperature is the closest color to natural daylight. From a human brain’s perspective, this light almost looks light in the daylight and works in the same manner.

If you pick up white light, you will know that it is not of only one wavelength. Instead, the white light is of all light wavelengths together. And so, we will always tell you to go for a white color temperature for the study area. If you want to mimic the daylight, keep the light of your dorm bright. If you want to go for something else other than white, you can settle for blue. This also has an identical effect on your eyes and the body. It tells the brain to stay awake and be attentive. But you should also learn that the blue lights are at the lower end when it comes to the light’s visible spectrum!

So, the best preference is white color temperature here. According to researches, light colors usually influence circadian rhythms. If you use the white LED lights or the blue ones, it will increase the alertness of your mind. It affects cognitive performance too! So, plan on adding recessed LED lighting on cool tones on top of your study table to be concentrated.

Warm Lights: Yay or Nay?

Now that we have already discussed that you must pick up the cool colors, there’s no point to talk about the warm light. But let’s agree that people often think that warm lights can be incredible for their study. Why do they think warm LED light colors are best for studying? The reason is the daylight. As we said before, it is necessary that the color of the LED light you pick up mimics the daylight. And there is confusion about the daylight among people.

As the Sun looks yellowish or orange, often, people confuse the daylight to be a warm color! But, no, you can’t settle for this when you study. Warm lights are not suitable for the dorm as these restrict the attention span. The red and orange colors usually have wavelengths that are at the higher end of the spectrum. And your brain works in a way where it connects the warm lights with sleep, bedtime, or rest. So, the higher wavelengths of the warm colors will give your brain a visualization of candlelight or the sunset. And eventually, your body will produce natural melatonin.

This is the sleep chemical that will make you drowsy when you study in a warm LED light. Whenever the daylight is lessened, the production of melatonin rises. It initiates you to sleep. Do you want to sleep at your study table? You don’t want that, right? So, the first thing you should do is avoid the warmer LED lights when it is time to pick up one for the study room. You can get the warmer tones for your bedtime preferably. Add it with smart plugs and you can switch it on even when you are on your bed!

Wrap Up

To bring to this conclusion, we suggest you pick up the white color LED lights for your study. And if you think white is too boring, you can go for blue. We do not recommend other colors. Select the cooler tones when you plan to keep yourself attentive.

If you are worried about how to install the LED light in your study room, you can check out our blog. We have a solution for all your electrical problems!