What is Cheaper to Run Gas or Propane Generator?

Even before you pick up a generator from the shop, you have to think about the fuel it runs with! There is Natural Gas and Propane available for you!

Yes, they both work great for the generator but you can’t go for both of them! And whatever you choose, it is easy to pay, who doesn’t love it!

Learn what is cheaper to run gas or propane generators and pick one wisely!

What is Cheaper to Run Gas or Propane Generator

Cost Efficiency of Propane vs Gasoline Generator

There are many factors to consider when deciding which fuel is cheaper to run. The type of generator, the cost of propane and gasoline, the cost of electricity, and the efficiency of the generator all need to be taken into account. With the overall calculation of the efficiency of propane vs gasoline, a propane generator will cost you less.

Short Intro: Natural Gas vs. Propane

Natural gas is as the name says natural gas! It comes in gas form and is a mixture of methane and several other gases. At normal temperature, it is in gas form and it can afford direct power to your generator.

On the other hand, propane is a liquid form of fuel that is a byproduct of natural gas processing. Also, count petroleum refining in the count. Among the fuel type, this one is very common. But if you are planning to use propane on your generator, it will require boiling so that it can generate light. Along with it, it will generate airy gas. This will help the generator work.

How Generator Receives the Fuel

Gas and propane are both common for generator use. When it comes to feeding natural gas to the generator, it goes through an underground pipeline. By the township, it is regulated. In this case, you do not need to store it in your tank. It makes it less costly! So, eventually, you do not control the supply. And before you get your hands on it, you must also know that you do not control the cost here.

Propane on the other side is usually stored. To provide long-term power, it is stored in the underground tank. The propane truck drivers will be there to deliver you the fuel. With a hose, they will fill up the tank. And eventually, it will be used for emergencies. But the process is more costly as you have to go through a lot of stages here!  

Which one to Pick?

As we said, both propane and gas are popular for generator usage. No matter you are using it for partial power to the house or for the Generac whole house generators, you can settle for any of them. But not everyone prefers both! Let’s learn the basics of these and help you select what you want to go for!

Overall Unit Cost

The first thing about natural gas is it is very cheap. In comparison to propane, the cost to run a generator on natural gas will be easier on your wallet. If your house has a natural gas line beneath, choosing gas is a better option. Here, the cost of the fuel will be very low by unit. Yes, the price may vary but mostly, gas is inexpensive than propane. If you have an issue regarding the price, you should go for gas over propane.

Maintenance Cost

If you plan to stay worry-free when it comes to maintenance, go for gas. In the case of propane, the maintenance process can be annoying at times. You have to check the fuel level again and again. And when it is low, you have to call the propane truck driver to refill the tank.

From cleaning the tank to fixing the automatic transfer switch, you have to invest a lot here! But with gas, this is easy! You can stay worry-free without checking any tank! Along with this, you have to bear and an extra amount for the cost of the truck driver. So, eventually, the maintenance is costly here too!

Installation Cost

The installation process of the gas for your generator is cheaper too! If you are up for propane, you need to dig up the underground to set the line. Along with this, the installation process for the generator will be expensive too. From the cost of installing the line to the cost of installing generator transfer switch– everything is higher with propane! Where the gas line is already there for you and you do not need any extra cost for this!

Cleaning Cost

In short, if you need to work with the propane gas, you have to clean up the tank after a while. Every few years, you have to spend a good sum of money cleaning the propane tank. But with the gas, you don’t need to clean the tank as the township is doing that for you already!

The Cost of Customized Gas Line

As we said, if you have accessibility to the gas line or you have a line beneath your house, it’s better to settle for gas. But if you don’t have this, you should go for propane. If you still want natural gas for your generator or another purpose, you can apply for it and then get permission to install it beneath your home. But this will be costly.

Also, the process is lengthy. In rare cases, some people need to settle for propane even if they have a gas line beneath. Yes, some gas lines are not capable of providing the required amount of fuel supply. So, it’s better not to invest in applying for the line and instead, go for propane!

Generator Cost

If you are planning to settle for a propane generator, it will cost you less. And generators that run with natural gas are more expensive than this. So, before you go for it, check the price of the generator depending on which fuel it runs with too! When you are dealing with propane vs. natural gas generators, a propane generator is easier on the wallet!

Wrap Up

So, in short, we will say that gas or natural gas is cheaper than propane when it comes to running a generator. Yes, in some cases, you have to spend a little more on gas than propane. But if you check all the practical costs of running a generator with gas, it is cheaper and lighter on your wallet!