Can You Plug Your Refrigerator Into An Extension Cord?

Refrigerators and other appliances that constantly draw power should be connected directly to the outlets. However, there are situations where it cannot be done. For example when your house does not have enough outlets.

Then sometimes the outlets can be far away from the place where you want to keep your refrigerator. These situations can be tackled easily by using an extension cord. But the question is “Can you plug a refrigerator into an extension cord?”

Do not worry because in this article we will answer just that. We will cover everything you need to know about extension cord connections. So let us get right to it.

Can You Plug Your Refrigerator Into An Extension Cord

Avoid Plugging a Refrigerator into an Extension Cord

Refrigerators are one of the most power-hungry appliances in your home. They are constantly running and drawing power. So, you need a connection that is stable and sturdy.

Now it is always recommended, that you connect appliances like refrigerators with the shortest connection possible. So, generally plugging a refrigerator into an extension cord is something you should avoid. Otherwise, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to use the extension cord.

The typical refrigerator draws 100 to 250 watts of power. Then what is the best extension cord for a refrigerator? The answer is anything that is rated similar or higher. But higher is better if it is for appliances like a refrigerator. The extension cord also has to have 3 pronged grounded plug and the cable needs to be either 14 or 16 AWG.

The Dangers of Extension Cord

The extension cord is a handy piece of equipment. They are used for many household connections and are a quick fix for many of your problems. They are generally used for small appliances and as short time solutions.

They are not recommended to be used for power-hungry appliances like heaters, ovens, refrigerators etc. Now we will be exploring the reasons why experts prohibit them.

Causing Fire

Extension cords are always left on the ground. They are not put in a safe place, they are laid in your living room, bedrooms etc. Have you ever thought about the dangers? Extension cords overload and can overheat. It can also happen if they are faulty.

Now overheating means that the cable can easily catch fire. The fire would be caused in your living space. If it happens at night when you are sleeping, you would not even know you are in a life-threatening situation. It is for this reason they are not recommended by experts or electricians.

This can be avoided if you calculate the load for the extension cord. For example, if you want a heater to run through an extension cord, you need to calculate its load. Generally, a space heater takes 1500W, so you would need an extension cord that can take the same or higher amount of load. So, do this if you want to avoid a fire.    

Extension Cord Getting Loose

The extension cord is an additional connection between the fridge and the outlet. So, there are more things that can go wrong. Appliances like refrigerators need power that is uninterrupted. If it is a connection that can easily disconnect it is a problem.

That is why the extension cords that you use should have 3 pronged grounded plug. They are a much better fit for outlets and the connection is sturdy. However, there is always a chance the extension cord gets dragged by something or someone and your refrigerator loses connection.

This scenario can be particularly harmful to refrigerators. If your fridge gets accidentally disconnected you might not know it until the harm is done. You might end up losing thousands of dollars of food. That is one of the main reasons why refrigerator outlets are positioned behind them.

Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Refrigerator

The dangers of an extension cord can be overlooked if you get the right one for your refrigerator. In the market, there are exclusively heavy-duty extension cords for refrigerators. These are made solely for your fridge and will keep you safe from any disaster.

We are going to list some for your convenience that you can get from your nearest hardware store or Amazon.

  1. GoGreen Power (GG-25620) 14/3 20’ SPT-3 Appliance Cord
  2. GE, Black, 15 Foot Extension Cord, Heavy Duty, 16AWG
  3. UltraPro 15 Ft Extension Cord, Double Insulated, Indoor/Outdoor


Extension cords can be a solution to most of your connection problems. However, the quality needs to be quite good if it is a heavy appliance like a refrigerator.

If you are at the end of the article, you understand what plugging your refrigerator into an extension cord can do. So, be cautious and use the best thing you can buy.

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