How to Hide Extension Cords on Carpet: No Exposed Wires

More than fire hazards with broken extension cords, tripping hazards are common because we keep the cord lying on the floor! And if it is a carpeted floor, it doesn’t only look ugly but also increases risks.

So, how to hide extension cords on the carpet and make the room look more organized? We have solutions for this problem.

Get your eyes on the easy tricks to avoid tripping hazards and keep the home safe from now on!

How to Hide Extension Cords on Carpet

Ways to Hide the Extension Cords on Carpet

1. Floor Cord Protector

An amazing idea to keep the cords safe on the carpet is by adding the floor cord covers with it. If you haven’t heard about it before, we will describe it today. These are available in several materials. You can get floor cord covers made of rubber, cloth, plastic, silicon, and many other materials. No matter what the construction is, the work of the floor extension cord cover is the same. It protects your cord.

Now, when you are planning to hide the cord on the rug or carpet, you can simply plan on adding the floor cord cover or casing with it first.

With this, you can keep the extension cords added to the TV or the portable generator transfer switches covered in the casing on the rug. It won’t look bad at all! If you want to keep it on top of the carpet, you can settle for the decorative floor cord covers too. These look great and also serve your aesthetic needs. In either case, you can always get the casing added with the cord and then hide the cord through the sides of the wall.

After this, you can place the carpet on top of the covered cord and you are safe! The cords will not be damaged as there is a casing on them!

2.  Sides and Corners

Another easy way to keep the cords underneath the carpet but safe is to run them through the sides of your room. We know taking them through the wall can be very unaesthetic to watch. So, to make it visually presentable, you can get the extension cord and pass it through the sides or corners of your room from the lower end of the walls.

If you use carpet on top of this area, the cords will not be visible. On the contrary, there is no chance of walking on top of the carpeted extension cord at all. Your cord will be safe from any tripping hazard you are worrying about!

3. Strip Carpet Tape

Another easy way to keep the extension cord safe on your floor carpet is by adding some tapes. Yes, yes, it can confuse you. How can tape safeguard the extension cord? These are not regular duct tapes. You will see strip carpet tapes or electrical tapes for the floor in the market.

These are designed to keep all the cords in the right place. It is an incredible way if you require a lot of wires or cords from the extension cords. In the case of numerous wires like the extension cords for generators, the carpeted area can get messy and look bad.

To make it look better, you can hide the cords with the help of strip carpet tape. With these, take all the cords and tape them on the carpet. If you want, you can tape them on the floor and place the carpet on top of it too.

However, this can cause fire hazards. Instead, search for decorative strip carpet tapes or the ones that match the color of your carpet. Then you add to protect the cords and place them on one side of the room!

4. Divide Portions

In the case area rugs, you can easily hide the cords. All you need to do is get it underneath the rug or tuck them in and that’s all! Yes, you might have done this before. But is it safe to keep extension cords plugged in underneath the rug? Absolutely not! There is always a chance of fire hazard if you keep the extension cords this way. What can you do then?

How can you hide the cords on the area rugs? In that case, you have to ensure that you are using the place of the rug where you are not going to walk. If you have a couch set on top of the rug, you can get the extension cord from inside that part of the rug. As a result, the rugs will not be walked on. So, your cords will stay safe and so will your house!

5. DIY Casings

As we have talked about the extension cord covers, you might not be interested in investing so much money in buying the casings. So, you can always get your brain at work and make DIY casings for your cords to keep them safe and hide them well on your rugs.

For this, you will need SurLast or any other durable fabric. Also, double-sided tape is required here. Before you start, purchase the Hook Velcro of 1” and v-69 thread to make the casings or cover long-lasting. Imagine the possible width of your casing that can cover all the cords and depending on that, cut two equal pieces of fabric.

The width and the length should be equal for the two pieces. Now, place one piece on top of the other making sure the sides match. And then, stitch the one side with the v-69 thread. And on the other sides of the pieces, add the Velcro so that you can close this side.

You are done! All you need is to get the extension cord’s wire inside it and tape it on the corner or side of your room! You can add decorative fabrics or beads and pearls on top of a one-colored fabric to make it look pretty. Also, adding artificial flowers over this DIY cord cover can add artistic benefits to your room. But whenever you pick up the fabric, get your hands on the thick fabrics!

Wrap Up

So, it’s never too late to cover up the messy extension cord lying on your favorite fur rug! All you need is to follow the tricks we have mentioned. Your room will look aesthetic and better than before!

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