Best Washing Machine Outlet Box [Recommended]

best washing machine outlet box

Are you worried about buying Washing Machine Outlet Box for your washing machine?

As we all know, A washing machine outlet box ties a connection from the washing machine to the cold and hot water pipes and drainpipe system inside the walls. So that it can provide you quick access to the valves.

In this Content, I’m going to provide you a very valuable piece of perfect information. Yes, you are guessing right?

Here, I’m going to represent my review on the Best Washing Machine Outlet Box, and the buying guide for it, as choosing the perfect Washing Machine Outlet Box might be very confusing for you.

Best Washing Machine Outlet Box Review

Finding the best one is always a tough task as you get so many options at your surroundings. What I do is not to let the price and brand tempt me while I wish the best. Here, I’ve got some amazing Washing Machine Outlet Box you can entitle them as the best, once you use.

So, keep reading the blog if you just realize the Washing Machine Outlet Box at your hand is fooling you with poor performance.

Eastman 60245 Washing Machine Outlet Box:

Eastman 60245 Washing Machine Outlet Box

In my list of Best Washing Machine Outlet Box, I will recommend you to buy Eastman 60245 Washing Machine Outlet Box. It is one of the best outlet boxes which will offer your washing machines with a reliable and safe installation of water supply.

It is considered as a one-piece box designed with non-corrosive high-impact materials as well. It has a recessed feature which includes 1-inch drywall. The outlet box arrives with a faceplate cover, a pre-installed support board, and 1/4-turn hot and cold ball valves for the maintenance.

Eastman 60245 Washing Machine Outlet Box has an inlet connection of 1/2 inch Crimp PEX and a threaded outlet of 3/4 inch for the male hose. And it is UPC approved as well. You can install it on a right or left side drain, that does not need additional framing support to provide a solid installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be installed easily and shaped both sided (left & right) drain.
  • Its frame includes up to 1’’ drywall.
  • It has a 1/4″ turn ball valve and 3/4″ MHT outlet connection.
  • It includes 1/2″ deployment PEX with Quarter Turn cold and hot water Valves.

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What’s Now?

Washing Machine Outlet Boxes have safe, fast, and access to the shut-off water supply. And those boxes are normally set up in the panel, plastered surfaces or drywall, and finally, give your installations into a finished look.

For example, when any plumbing problem occurs on the washing machine, the outlet box of the washing machine helps for an immediate shutdown of water supply, so that damage can be prevented.