How to Keep Outdoor Extension Cords Dry?

Desserts, old wine, loud music, and pretty lighting-a deck part can be incredible! But everything can be ruined if it rains! More than anything else, the first thing you should run for is safeguarding the outdoor extension cords otherwise; there will be a fire hazard!

But if you want to dance in the rain with beautiful lighting, you have to prepare the cord beforehand. And this is the reason you should learn how to keep outdoor extension cords dry!

We have come up with 6 easy ways to deal with it! Take a look!

How to Keep Outdoor Extension Cords Dry

Tricks to Keep Outdoor Extension Cord Safe and Dry

Method 1: Extension Cord Casings or Covers

The first and easiest way to keep the outdoor extension cords dry is to cover them up. Yes, you can think of overheating it with the covers but have faith because these casings or covers are specially designed for the extension cords. Made with plastic, these casings are easily available in hardware shops. The best part about these covers is they are very affordable in price as they are made of plastic. You can get the covers and cover your outdoor extension cord with it to protect it from wet weather.

As much easy as the process is there are also drawbacks of these covers. At times, these don’t stay closed. In that case, make sure you get a good quality casing. Also, the right-sized casing that fits your cord is necessary for the proper protection. If you don’t want to cover it up, you better settle for the extension cord for contractors that are oil and chemical resistant!

Method 2: Saran Wrap or Pallet Wrap

Is it safe to leave extension cords plugged in when you are not near? NO! It’s not! And so, covering it is the best way! Another thing you can settle for that is easy to find is a pallet wrap. Yes, we are talking about the saran wrap that is used for wrapping the pallets. The best thing about this wrap is you can easily get a strong wrap for protection. Whenever you are hauling loads, with the pallet wrap, you can keep the pallets or any other objects protected.

If you want to safeguard the extension cord, you can take help from a pallet wrap. All you need is to wrap the outdoor extension cord and save it from getting wet. Especially, protecting the cord from the rain can be easier with such wraps. However, you have to be very careful when you wrap the cord. If you wrap too tight, the cable will not be able to reduce the heat. As a result, it will be overheated and eventually, it will cause a fire. Wrap it up to protect, it’s as easy as using scotch tape!

Method 3: Plastic Container DIY

Using extension cords indoors is easy; all you need is to learn how to hide electrical cords on hardwood floors. But for outdoor, it’s tough. But you can make your DIY wrap for safeguarding the extension cord used outdoor. Another fact is it’s easy to create the wrap because you can get all the ingredients inside your house! Also, this will be far cheaper than the other methods! Let’s check the step-by-step process to learn how to keep the outdoor extension cord dry.

  1. Get the ingredients or gears in the first place. You will need a plastic bottle so that you can make the plastic wrap. To cut it, you will need scissors. Along with this, keep a utility knife close because you will need it too!
  2. Now that you are ready, first, start with cutting a slit. Take the bottle and lay it. Make sure you have laid it on its side. And then, you have to start cutting from the center part of the bottle. Use the utility knife for it. When you cut the slit, ensure that you are making it about a quarter. You will need to go horizontally while cutting the slit.
  3. It’s time to go through both the ends of the slit you just did. There, you have to create a hole. The hole should be dime-sized. For the process, use scissors. Make sure you wear gloves while doing this. After completing this step you will see two different holes along with a slit.
  4. Here, you have to put the wire inside the wrap and protect it! Get your hands on the plus and put it into the bottle. You can get it inside easily through the slit you have created. Now, get the cords through the two holes you have designed.
  5. Let’s get to the final step. Here, you have to hold the bottle and flip it after you have done the previous step. If you do this, the slit of the bottle will be placed against the floor. And finally, you will see your extension cord completely protected!

Method 4: Tape

Not all the cords can be safeguarded with tapes. You cannot protect the generator 30 amp transfer switch with duct tape! Only if you need a quick solution for only a few hours regarding the thin extension cords, this can be helpful. But do not use this method permanently. Tape is completely water-resistant but not waterproof at all! When you have no other option, go for it!

If you want an easy fix for this problem regarding the extension cord, you can also go for the super cheap way. Even if you are not a DIY-er, you will have duct tape in your house. And today, we will talk about how you can protect and keep the extension cord dry with duct tape. All you need to do is wrap the whole extension cord with electrical tape or duct tape.

Method 5: Plastic Bags

We know how much you love DIY and this method is going to blow your mind. In this method, we will use plastic bags to keep the cord safe even when it’s raining! But, keep in mind that you should only settle for this method if there is an emergency or no other methods are available.

  1. Get your hands on some plastic bags. Certify that they are sturdy and thick enough to hold the wires. Also, go for the larger bags so that you can cover the whole cord. You will need waterproof tape too to complete the process
  2. Hold the extension plug and start covering the body of the device with plastic bags. Make sure that the cord of the device is hanging out of the opening part of the appliance.
  3. Go through the other side of your plastic bag and make some holes there. These will help the cords of your appliance to work properly. Now, it’s time for you to tie them up. Go through the cord while tying. And finally, with waterproof tape, you have to secure the area.

Method 6: Pool Noodle

This method might be a little confusing for it but trust us, it works! However, only go for a pool noodle if you have a short extension cord. The best part is pool noodle is waterproof. So, when you use it to protect the extension cord, it stays dry. The best way you can settle for is to get the cable is fed from through the device. In either case, you can also cut the pool noodle’s one side. With this part, you can easily open the noodle and take it directly over the cord. And yes, your cord is safe from the rain now!

Wrap Up

We have shared several methods of keeping the outdoor extension cord safe and protected! All you need is to pick up one from the list and save your device this rainy season!

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