How To Become An Electrician [A TO Z Guide]

Guess, a running motor of your factory shuts off suddenly! Or, a circuit breaker of your residence is tripping frequently. What will you do then? Who’s name will come to your mind? Yes, you will rapidly call an electrician.

These aforementioned problems can occur almost every day. Because our society depends on electricity, either it is residential or industrial. As a result, new electrical technologies emerge regularly. Consequently, the demand for an electrician increasing day by day. So, if you’ve decided to choose your profession as an electrician, you are on the right track.

But, in this electrical arena, you’ll be dropout hurry if you are a “Just ok” or an average one. Because there are a bunch of competition in this field, being an up to date profession. But most of them are not of that calibre. So, if you make perfect then you can thrive both financially and socially.

What are you thinking? How can be a perfect electrician? No worries, chase the following steps.

Here we go.

How To Become An Electrician

Eagerness and Willpower

There must be some minor electrical problems at your home off and on. How much you love these kinds of works to do? If you love diagnosing such kinds of pity electrical tasks, the ground of electrical is for you surely. Just go for it for now on.

They will fail who don’t have that much love and affection for electrical, I didn’t mean that. You will be a gainer in this niche as well by working hard. There are a ton of examples of reaching the ultimate goal by whom are not inherently talented but toil rigorously.

Let me clarify the point that this is such a field where you can’t go far against your mind. This will not work in the long run.

Certification and Training

In several cases, it doesn’t need any higher education or any college degree to be an electrician, if anyone has enough experiences. But here I’m talking about how to be a “PERFECT” electrician, right? To be perfect in anything proper education is necessary. What do you say? So here are the steps:

High School diploma:

The very primary educational step to be an electrician is a high school diploma or equivalent course or degree. Similar to a General Educational Diploma (GED) course. You should emphasize the following steps:

  • Mathematical fundamentals
  • Physical science
  • Practical courses such as electronics, automotive mechanics etc.

Vocational Courses:

After receiving a high school diploma or GED, many of the students go for an apprenticeship. But it is better to go through a vocational course before starting an apprenticeship.

During vocational training, you can learn the theories, calculations, skills and information which you can use in the future as an electrician. Most of the courses include units on electricity, technical mathematics, relevant skills, labour tasks and the national & local electrical codes.


This is also a vital step road to be a perfect election. Here, you’ll have to work under a professional and veteran electrician to learn practically. Classroom instructions and hands-on experiments are included in this programme.


This is the step where you’ll be a journeyman electrician. To get the license you need to put forward an application with your fees and work experience demonstrates. Then you’ll be given a schedule of a test or exam. If you pass, then you’ll be finally a downright licensed journeyman electrician.

Practical Skill

If an electrical malfunction occurs, either at home or in a factory an electrician has to do maintenance and troubleshooting. So it’s easy to say that an electrician must have all the technical knowledge related to his or her duty. Works like rewiring equipment or fixtures in between power outage, inspecting electrical component for safety, installing wiring & lighting and identifying then troubleshooting electrical issues, repairing large motors and equipment in factories are remarkable among all. In this arena of electrical, you must have to be dependable. For this accuracy in your work in badly necessary. Proper knowledge and applying that knowledge independently with hand-to-eye coordination will make you dependable in your superior officer’s eye.

Intellectual Efficiency

As a good electrician, you must have a vast knowledge of the basics of mathematics and physics in order to keep yourself up to date with the current technologies, devices and facilities. Besides knowing hand based practical works, you have to be well known about all types of electrical and electronic drawings, blueprints, technical terms, nameplate terminologies and estimations to make yourself more perfect. Teamwork and interpersonal skill are also crucial when working with other people in the work site.

Safety Consciousness

“Safety First” is the main motto at work sites. At the time of any kind of electrical works, carelessness is the synonym of extreme danger. Even it can be converted to death in many a time!

Therefore, you must be super conscious and must have proper notions about exact safety codes. There are several safety wears and accessories for electricians while working live. Proper grounding of every piece of electrical equipment is compulsory. You should know how to use a fire extinguisher. You should also well conversant with tiny medical techniques related to electric shock so that you can provide the primary treatment to the sufferer.

Personality and Individuality

With a trashy personality, you can do almost nothing as an electrician even after good electrical knowledge. Hence, last but not least, personality traits are as crucial as your qualification. The major personalities you should have to be a perfect electrician are given below:

Dependability: Electrical works are very much sensitive and risky job. If you are not dependable enough in your superior officer’s eye, you will be valueless at your workplace.

Therefore, learn each and everything related to your job and perform in accordance with it so that you can be found dependable at your field of work. That will surely pave the way to your success.

Honesty: Maintain a degree of honesty. In order to retain your customer, you’ll have to be honest even after being eligible.

Patience & Politeness: You should be gentle and polite to your colleague. No one likes a rude fellow in any platform. There will be different types of people in the workplace and of course, their opinions will be different as well. Naturally, their opinions will not match yours every time. Keep your head calm & cool. Focus on your job only. Remember, the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Over to You

I know, those who have the proper eagerness, willpower, and natural enthusiasm over this arena of electrical, now getting so excited to start your journey, right? If you’re honest and dedicated enough to achieving your goal, surely you’ll get it one day.

Be sure, that you will be far from perfect at the beginning. Therefore, give yourself the required time, work hard, try to follow all the steps mentioned, and achieve your ultimate destination. Try today, from now on! Since the best time to start is today. Wish you all the best.