How to Hide Electrical Cords on Hardwood Floors?

Never going to lie, electrical cords are a whole heap helpful to make life easy but they can make the room look ugly and messy too! Also, if the cords laying around here and there, there is always a chance of accident!

To keep the house and people safe and the room neat, you can find ways how to hide electrical cords on the hardwood floor. Yes, tucking them underneath the carpet is easy but on the hardwood floor, it can be difficult!

We have listed some easy techniques to keep them concealed and bring back the artistic room once again! Make sure you read them all!

How to Hide Electrical Cords on Hardwood Floors?

3 Techniques to Hide Exposed Electrical Cords

Electrical Cord Cover

The easiest solution to keep the cord covered on the hardwood floor is to settle for the electrical cord covers. Here, we will explain how to do it neatly so that your room doesn’t look ugly!

  • First of all, your work is to pick up a cord cover. While picking it up, make sure you are planning to get the ones that are more or less close to the color of your floor. In this way, it won’t be too visible to the viewer’s eyes when you add it to the hardwood floor.
  • Now, get your hands on any type of electrical cord like the generator’s extension cords and disconnect one end, it is time to run it from inside the cord cover. Do it carefully and get the other end out of the cord cover passing the whole length. While pulling it out, make sure that the other end should also stay outside.
  • You have successfully passed one end of the cord through the cover’s body. Now, you have to get ready to place the cover on your floor. Position the cover on the floor and check if it is working properly or not. Now, you have to peel off the self-adhesive added to the rear part of the cover. If nothing is added there, you can add them too. After peeling it off, you have to place the cover there attaching it in its position. Get the cord to the generator transfer switch and check if it works!

Note: Whenever you position the electric cord cover in a specific place, make sure the area is completely clean. Otherwise, the self-adhesive won’t stick or will come off after a while.

Rugs or Carpets

The coolest way to hide the electrical cords when you have a hardwood floor is to add a new rug to the place. Large carpets or small rugs for the room will do the work too. This will easily cover up the electrical cords without ruining the outlook of your hardwood floor. You can simply pull the rug and place it on top of the cord. There are several ways to make it work. To learn this, check out how to hide extension cord on the carpet and make the space look neat. If you don’t want to add a full area to the rug, you can also settle for the narrow rugs. Take the electrical cords and with duct tape, add them to one side of your room. Then, get a narrow fur rug and position it over the cords. A good idea is to add double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the fur rug and attach it to the floor. It will look like a line on the side of your room and will not look messy at all! As you are keeping the cord underneath the rug, make sure you do not keep the extension cords plugged in. To learn more about it, go check- is it safe to keep extension cords plugged in?

Artificial Leaves and Flowers

Now, this is a method that no one will tell you about! To add aesthetics to your room and make it look green, another incredible way to keep the electrical cords hidden on your floor is to add artificial leaves and flowers. Get your hands on artificial leaves and flowers of your choice. Make sure that the length is a little longer than the cord you are going to use here. Now, place the leaves and flowers on the body of the wires. To add them with precision and keep them in their place you can go for duct tape or double-sided tapes. Make sure it matches the color of the cord or simply go for the transparent tape. And the flowers and leaves all over the body of the cord and place the electrical cord on the side of your room. To keep it stuck there; add another piece of double-sided tape. The flowers and leaves will add greenery to your room and make it colorful while hiding the messy tapes behind it! Isn’t it super cool?

Wrap Up

We have discusses all the easy methods on how you can effortlessly hide the electrical cords of your room on the hardwood floor and make them unnoticeable. Follow the methods and your space will look cleaner than before! Check out our blog to learn more about how you can deal with the electrical issues of your home. If you are a newbie, we can help you more than you think!