Are DeWalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable with Black and Decker?

If you are not an update keeper of DeWalt then let me tell, they started their cordless power tool line on the 2016 year. They came up within an extremely popular FlexVolt platform since then. The first ever multi-power battery system was this platform and so, it got quite hyped that time.

It was usable for saw, compressors and also low power tools. Along with that platform, their original hit was 20-volt MAX style. The slider battery is excellent for portability. It goes well with rugged usage and for moderate power, the choice is perfect.

So, you might want to use it for other brand tools as well. That brings us to our today’s hot question, are DeWalt 20v batteries interchangeable with black and decker?

Are DeWalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable with Black and Decker

The Truth Behind Such Replacement (Breaking Down Gradually)!

Are They Interchangeable?

I know, this is a common question because of some obvious reasons. We all got to know that these both brands actually come from some family relationship. So, there might be chances that you can try interchanging.

But the point isn’t so simple. Even with some kind of similar background, the batteries are actually pretty different. The intent and creation are different. They are made with different materials and compatibility. So, trying something like this is going to get you insane (Sometimes unsafe) results.

I was never fond of the idea of going for an interchanging. It’s a huge risk, especially if tool you’ll use the battery in is expensive. It would make no sense if the power system gets complete damaged because of such curiosity.

Batteries have some factors to monitor with their electronic components. Electronics are designed in a way that goes well with their specific batteries. So, using the right battery for your electronics is a must and there is no other way.

A 20-volt MAX DeWalt battery will have zero electronics. It has some trigger of tool and that’s the reason behind. So, when you try to put something else in place of the correct batteries, it’s going to ruin whole system.

B&D has worked with a lesser amount of electronics intensive. So, the same thing will happen when you use a DeWalt battery for a B&D electronic. It’s going to give you the worst results.

Also, let me tell you that DeWalt is a professional and premium brand. While the B&D is actually a consumer brand.

So obviously there is going to be so many disparities in making the stuff from each brand. They don’t match and so interchanging batteries will never give you good outcomes.

The quality is much different to share same batteries. DeWalt batteries have the capability to handle huge loads. It can definitely handle rugged and rough usage.

But the B&D is kind of weekend warriors. They don’t need such high-power batteries for fewer discharging electronics.

However, this does not mean the quality of B&D is anything less. In fact, both brands go through some regular testing and assurance to give you good performance at the price point. I hope it makes sense.

Where does DeWalt 20 Volt Batteries Fit in?

If you want to try the 20V batteries for a different Vendor, there are problems such as sourcing packs and date of manufacture. So, it’s going to be hard. While, if you get a different vendor sharing similar cores of electronics then there are chances.

It also has to be similar in connection. Since that’s what actually decide if the electronics mix and match. However, this is quite hard to find.

Of course, for the price, you may believe a DeWalt battery is better than most vendors. But it only works when you open it up.

With higher amp per hours it provides better longevity, if the battery matches a similar electronic from different Vendor than of course, it’s going to be a great thing.

Sometimes electronics from the same manufacturer will also not work with 20V batteries because voltage requirement is not matching. Standard DeWalt batteries with 20V power will go well with all twenty-volt-tools. Same goes for chargers.


So, you see, batteries have their own housing that needs to be compatible with individual feature. You just can’t simply try any battery for any electronics. However, if voltage is similar and also some other facts seem to be matching, then the story might be different.

But I don’t think anybody needs to try the method really. To be honest, I won’t recommend such hassle with sensitive electronics.

Because the batteries are quite cheap and affordable. So, when you have a certain Vendor tool, why stress over getting a different brand item for it and keep the chances of failure strong? I hope my point was justified! Good Bye!