5 Best Firman Generator Reviews of 2022

Firman is a company that works with power technology in order to create the best solutions for those in distress with products of high prices and low-quality standards. They are a Chinese company, but their brand name goes beyond the mainstream perception of Chinese products.

The company makes the best generators in the market. As a result of this, they meet huge demands coming from countries all over the world.

You can now guess how big of a range of generator machines they have, right? Well, in order to help you narrow down your options, we have made an honest firman generator review guide, which we hope will help you immensely.

Best Firman Generator Review

Top 5 Firman Generator Reviews

Choosing generators can be scary. However, we have tried creating a framework for you here so that you understand how to do this. We are going to give you some of the good firman dual fuel generator reviews as well as some that have a single fuel system.

I hope, you will be able to understand the general differences between them after finishing the read.

1. Firman H08051 (Electric Start) Portable Generator

Highlighted Features

  • Will deliver 30A or 50A of current
  • You will be able to use different types of fuel
  • Holds about 8 gallons of fuel at one filling
  • Can be started electrically within an instant 
  • Comfortable, user-friendly handles for better grip
fireman H08051 generator review

This generator from Firman is a hybrid build that has two outlets for the fuel. This means that you are not limited to choosing one particular type of fuel only. Depending on your preference, you will be able to use either propane or gasoline.

Not only will you have freedom in this aspect, but you will also get higher power outputs than is granted by the regular generators in the market.

Due to these attributes, these generators are very efficient! They work best for providing emergency power supplies in places that require a lot to be maintained, for example, in construction sites undergoing work, in farms or ranches, in high-powered buses, and even in big recreational vehicles that travel very long distances.

It can store about 8 gallons of fuel at a time. With this generator installed in the system, you will forget what a power shortage even is.

In order to make your fuel transfers convenient, you will also be given a huge hose of 5 inches in length. The machine can also give a maximum wattage of 10,000W! All in all, this is a very powerful generator that will serve you for a very long time!

2. Firman P03608 (Remote Start) Portable Generator with Wheel Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a wheel set that allows easy portability
  • Holds about 5 whole gallons of fuel energy at a time
  • A voltage regulator inside the generator keeps the output clean and efficient
  • The machine turns on with a remote that works over the massive range of 168 feet
  • Noise levels have been kept in set standard limits with the help of a sound muffler
Firman P03608 4550-3650 Watt Remote Start Gas Portable Generator CARB Certified with Wheel Kit

A good generator can sometimes be a lifesaver. This generator for example, can save your lives from the monsters of campsites and remote work sites.

It is a portable machine, unlike the one that came before it, and it will be able to give you a temporary power supply for about 14 hours. You do not have to worry about getting the machine to start either.

All you have to do is to take the remote that comes with it, and voila! You will be able to start the machine sitting in your spot. The range of the remote is about 168 feet.

Just click on the power button, and watch the power come back on instantly. The long-range of the remote makes it suitable for you to take it out with you in places where you stay the night.  

This thing comes with the capacity to hold about 5 gallons of fuel, and it has the run time of about 14 hours at a stretch! When it starts, it will be at 4550 wattages, and during operation, it will fall back to the wattage limit of 3650W! Oh, and another very important and necessary feature – the sound. Don’t worry about it.

It has been installed with a sound muffler from the Whisper Series, and this little addition will keep the noise to the minimum of 68 decibels! This goes with the standards that have been put as a measure for many local parks and natural sites, and therefore, you will have no issues at all to take it with you on trips.

3. Firman P03611 (Recoil Start) Gas Portable Generator

Highlighted Features

  • Has a run time of 14 hours 
  • Can hold about 5 gallons of fuel in the tank
  • Comes with a sound muffler that keeps things quiet at all times
  • Supports a 208 cc engine from the highly efficient Max Pro Series
  • Some necessary accessories like wrenches, spark plugs, funnels, and a manual comes along
Firman P03611 4550-3650 Watt Recoil Start Gas Portable Generator

If you have the American spirit within you, then you are going to love this blue and red star-striped version of generator models.

They are definitely a break from all the yellow that generators usually come in. This one is also a portable generator, and it can also come in very handy to save you from animals and other threats in remote locations.

Similar to the previous portable one, the gas tank of this generator also has the capacity to hold about 5 gallons of gas. The run time is also about 14 hours at a stretch, and it will be able to help you in emergency situations. It is, however, not remote-controlled. You will have to reach out to the machine and turn it on directly.

However, you will get a current of 30A from the machine.  It has a volt lock system, which uses a stream alternator to regulate the voltage and ensure that power outputs are properly efficient, clean, and necessary. At the start, the voltage is 4550W, and while running, it comes down to about 3650 watts!

4. Firman W03082 (Electric Start) Portable Generator

Highlighted Features

  • The 171cc engine is portable and durable
  • Can run 1.8 gallons of fuel for 9 hours in total
  • A very quiet machine due to the muffler installed in it
  • Ensures cleaner and more efficient energy utilization
Firman W03082 3300-3000 Watt Electric Start Gas Portable Generator

Here is another portable generator by the trusty old company!

This one has a higher capacity of fuel than any other on this list. It has a highly efficient engine of 171cc from the Max Pro Series, and it will be able to run far more efficiently to give service for a longer duration.

Due to the engine being smaller in size, the tank can hold only about 1.8 gallons of fuel.

The long run time of the generator with such a small amount of fuel is ensured by the particular design and the specifics of the system built into the machine.

It has a voltage lock regulator, an alternator for regulating the power streams, and a THD system to regulate the voltage harmonics, and utilize the fuel in a clean and sustainable manner.

Additionally, it has the Phoenix Fat Head Block, which makes the energy output even more fluid. The sound levels are controlled by the Whisper Series muffler, which makes the machine quiet and efficient. And the power levels remain at 3300 watts in the beginning, but the operation takes about 3000 watts in total.

5. Firman Hybrid H03651 (Electric Start) Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Highlighted Features

  • Efficient and clean use of energy
  • Comes with heavy-duty wheels for easy portability 
  • Allows the use of two types of fuel without any hassle 
  • Contains about 5 gallons of fuel and runs for about 14 hours at a stretch
Roll over image to zoom in Firman H03651 4550-3650 Watt Electric Start Gas or Propane Dual Fuel Portable Generator

With this outdoorsy generator, you have the freedom again to choose between the type of fuel you want. Yes, this is a dual fuel machine and it supports both propane and gas.

For gas, starting power is 4100 watts, while for propane, the starting power is 4550 watts. During the operation, both of these measures will come down to a lower value, thus ensuring efficient energy usage.

The engine installed is of 208cc, and it will be able to operate within safe temperatures, without getting heated up. A built-in Phoenix Fat Head Block ensures that the engine stays productive and efficient.

On top of this, you have the sound situation. Well, despite being a big device with two different fuel capacities, the machine doesn’t scream through the entire area.

A Whisper Series muffler has been installed in it, which runs at 67 decibels and makes sure that this can be used in large, open spaces without interrupting the natural balance of the environment.

Another important feature is the low oil shut off valve, which cuts off the oil supply when the levels run low, in order to ensure that the engine is not harmed in any way.

All in all, this is a good generator for emergency cases on the road.  

Buying Guide For Firman Generator

Yes, Firman generators are good products that come in high quality. However, there are too many variations, so we would like to help you narrow down your options. In order to do that, you have to learn to customize your selection based on some basic aspects of these machines. Let’s look at some of the specifics here.

Type of Generators

There are two basic types to differentiate between. They are – conventional and inverter. Which one you need will depend on where you want to use it and what kind of load you expect it to take.

Inverter generators are smaller in size than conventional ones. Therefore, if you want a portable device, then this one will probably be the better option for you.

Also, inverters are more stable in function. Due to their relatively smaller sizes, they cannot take as much pressure as a conventional generator can. To summarize, it could be said that inverters are better when you need to use it on the road, for example, in campsites and temporary workstations.

Whereas conventional ones are better for construction sites, big office or apartment buildings, and such other permanent establishments.


This is one of the main areas you need to look at when buying a generator. The decision for the type of generator is actually going to come after this. So, you have to figure out powerful the generator needs to be in order to support all the different appliances that will be running on it.

You can do this easily, but some calculations will be required. First of all, you will have to get a measure of the power requirements of each of the appliances that you expect to run on it. Use the voltage and the amp readings to calculate the power in watts. The combined wattage of all the devices will determine what power your generator should be able to put out.

To be on the safe side, get a generator with a higher power capacity than is your actual requirement. 

Fuel Tank Capacity

If you want to run your generator for long periods of time at a stretch, you need to get a machine that has a large fuel tank. Refilling is a hassle, and if you get a machine with a small tank for a heavy-duty job, then you will have to do it several times. It will just be an unnecessary inconvenience for you. 

The fuel capacity will be mentioned in the features of the machine, along with the run time. Look at the run time to decide whether the particular generator will be adequate for your necessity.

Safety Measures

The generator you get must be able to produce clean energy. This is to say that any toxic substances released in gaseous forms will be harmful to both the environment and the living beings around the area. Check for some particular safety adjustments like a low-oil shut-off system and an automatic shut-off system.

Low-oil shut off is necessary to stop the machine when the oil tank is almost empty. It will save the engine from getting jammed and burning out due to a lack of lubrication.  The automatic shut-off will ensure that the machine turns off by itself if too many appliances are connected to it at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

All reviews of firman generators leave out some common queries. We answer those queries down below for you.

1. Do Firman generators have CARB certification?

Yes, each of the generators that Firman makes has been certified to be safe by the Air Resources Board in California. They are safe and clean for the environment.

2. Are these generators waterproof?

Yes, they are all waterproof. You can safely position them near swimming pools or other water-prone areas.

3. How many hours later do I need to refill the tank?

This will depend on the capacity of your tank and how much you use it per day.

4. Do I need to call a guy for attaching and detaching the wheel kit?

No, instructions will be provided in a manual guide inside the package. By following instructions, you will be able to do it all by yourself.

5. Can I join two generators together for an increased power output?

This can be done only on inverter generators. Confirm this with your manufacturer before purchasing.


We hope we have been able to give you some insight into the world of generators. Out of the 5 that we discussed; our pick would be the Firman H03651. It is powerful and has a dual fuel system.

We want to end this firman generator review by saying that these machines can give you service for many years, but only if you work them within their limits. So, take care of your machine properly. Best of luck with the purchase!

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